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Rev. Bryan Findlayson

"For freedom Christ has set us free"

Mission Statement
      Pumpkin Cottage Ministry Resources seeks to provide Christian resources for clergy and church leaders that are true to the scriptures, reformed and focused on the grace of God in Christ. The objectives are to provide:
          i] Concise expository sermons / Bible studies on the set readings of the Revised Common Lectionary;
          ii] An exegetical commentary on the Greek New Testament;
          iii] Biblically sound studies on doctrine, evangelism, apologetics, ethics... ;
          iv] Studies on the ritual and order of the Anglican church.
[Printer icon]  The sermons / Bible studies are available in a print-friendly format for publication to suit an A5 pew-sheet insertion. They can be downloaded and opened by any html text editor and the content edited as required. There is no copyright and no citing is necessary.
Guiding Thesis
      The full appropriation of God's promised blessings are ours by grace through faith, apart from a faithful attention to God's law.
      Bryan Findlayson
Citing (not required)
      Findlayson, lectionarystudies.com
Greek Font
      The font used in this commentary is Bill Mounce's TekniaGreek, freely available from his site Teknia.com. For a compressed zip file, Mac / PC, go to FontsForWeb.com. For iPhone, iPod, or iPad, the application AnyFont will load and enable a zip download of the TekniaGreek font.
Index of Publications
      Theology, Lectionary Sermons and Bible Study notes are provided in printable format on the web.
      Findlayson, Bryan. Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia. b 1942. MTC. ThL 1970, MC Dip (Hons) 1971; P 1972 by Abp Syd; C Narrabeen 1971; C Cronulla 1972-1975; C Engadine. 1975-1978; CIC Helensburgh 1978-89; Sabbatical 1989-1990; R Cronulla 1990-1999; Retired.
      For my children: Marelle, Paul and Justyne.

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The Parson's Nose. Personal reminiscences of life as an Anglican clergyman
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