[Church Parish Paper] The Parson's Nose
The personal reminiscences of an Anglican clergyman
      As a member of the Lord's "peculiar" people, it was an honour for some thirty five years to serve in the ranks of an even more peculiar people, namely the clergy. We are a strange lot, serving a strange people. Still, we must remember the Lord did promise to call the fools to confound the wise. I guess we are all happy to be fools for the Lord. I certainly am.
      I hope the following "observations" help to instill humility rather than pride, or should I say foolishness rather than wisdom.
1. Sunday School  
2. Catechist capers  
3. The call  
4. Christian camping  
5. A sabbatical  
6. Getting churched  
7. A first parish  
8. Buses

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