[The first stamp issued in Angola.]
Angolan Stamps
Information on the Postage Stamps of Angola  

Given the difficulty of obtaining Philatelic information on the stamp issues of Angola, this site seeks to provide some basic information for an English speaking collector developing an Angolan stamp collection. The information provided is gathered from collectors with far greater knowledge than me and I do thank them for their diligence. A large amount of these research notes come from articles produced by members of the International Society of Portuguese Philately, USA - inactive at the moment. The Classic Era Notes are formatted to American Quarto / Letter to interleave stamp albums using Hagner Stamp Stock Sheets, if so required.

Angola has a rich philatelic history, but the civil war that raged from independence was only finally resolved in 2002. This meant that much of the nation's energy was expended in war, resulting in the impoverishment of a large segment of society. For most Angolans, stamp collecting is an unnecessary luxury.

Angolan stamp issues since independence have been plagued by stamp agencies with little interest other than generating funds for themselves. Too much rubbish was produced in the years 1997-2000, and 2018-19, although thankfully, not as much rubbish as some African countries. The plains, trains automobiles, Princess Dianna, Queen Mother and every animal in existence, are easily isolated from the more relevant postal issues.

Since the year 2000, fake stamps of Angola have flooded the market. These are easily identified, and are best avoided like the plague - See Angola Illegal Stamps 1999.

For those intending to build an Angolan collection, it is best to purchase an incomplete collection at a philatelic auction, and use this as a base upon which to build your own. Starting out from scratch would involve paying out for the large number of Angolan stamps of little value.

Sources for Angolan Stamps are as follows:


Delcampe Stamps

World of Stamps


Postbeeld Stamps

Montra Filatelica

Tao Macas

On-line collection building:


Open Auctions:

Nucleo Filatelico do Ateneu Comercial do Porto

Universal Philatelic Auctions

Catalogues in English:

Stanley Gibbons Portugal and Colonies - pre-independence Angola;

Simplified: Gibbons Stamps of the World, Vol.2; Scott, Vol.1.

Simplified Economy: Stamp Books printable downloadable catalogue.

Formatted Angolan albums in English:

Economy, download printable PDF album pages by Scott, eg., Filcom; Stamp Books

Printed, regular or hingeless, eg. Palo Albums

English speaking Clubs:

Portuguese Philatelic Society (UK)

Additional information:

Extra information, as well as corrections, on Angolan issues, pre and post Independence, is welcomed. Information on the postal conditions in Angola today would be greatly appreciated.

email Fino, Bryan Findlayson, Sydney, Australia.

Classic Era Issues:


Crowns 1870-77

Luis 1886

Newspaper 1883 and 1894

Carlos Neto 1894

Carlos Neto - Congo 1894

Vasco da Gama 1898

Carlos Mouchon 1898-1901

Carlos Mouchon Congo 1898-1901

Carlos Mouchon 1903

Surcharges Luis 1902

Surcharges Carlos1902

Surcharges - Congo 1902

Provisional Overprint 1902

Lisbon Republica Overprint of Carlos 1911

Lisbon Republica Overprint of Carlos - Congo 1911

Lisbon Republica Overprint of Manuel 1912

Luanda Provisional Issues 1912

Republica Overprint of Vasco da Gama Series 1913

Local Republica Overprint 1914

Local Republica Overprint 1915

Local Republica Overprint - Congo 1914-18

Local Serif Republica Overprint of Surcharged Issues 1914

Local Serif Republica Overprint of Surcharged Issues - Congo 1915

Local Surcharges 1919 - 1921

Ceres 1914

Ceres 1921-25

Ceres - Congo 1914

Local Surcharges 1925 and 1931

Ceres 1932-1946

Local Postal Surcharges 1934, 1935, 1938 and 1942

Imperial Colonial Issues 1938

Local Surcharges 1945-1946

Emergency Air Labels 1945

Emergency Air Post 1945-1946

Postal Tax Issues:

Charity Tax Stamps

Postage Due

Modern Era Issues:














Post 1975

Postal Stationary

Pre 1975

Postal Markings

Pre 1975

Specialist Notes


Censored Mail

Pre-stamp Mail

The Ambaca Railroad Post Offices

Patriotic Slogan Postal Markings

Mail of the Secret Police

Air Mail

Registered Mail

Military Mail

Maritime Mail


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